Class Types



Let the music move you in this thrilling, fun, and athletic ride! Our signature ride includes challenging intervals, endurance work, and movement that will keep you coming back for more.

Ride + Arms

Get a full body workout with this 45 minute ride that includes 3-10 minutes of on-bike upper body exercises using 1-5 lb weights.

Ride + Sculpt Fusion

Test your limits with this 1 hour class. First, the ride will lead you through challenging intervals for a cardio blast. Next, sculpt and tone the entire body with efficient full body strength exercises. Be prepared to sweat!

Power Hour Ride

Ready to take your ride up a notch? The power hour ride is a thrilling 60-minute class that will lead you through long intervals for a substantial calorie burn!

Sculpt & HIIT

Inferno HIIT

Our signature calorie killer class! Full body strength segments combined with cardio HIIT intervals will leave you dripping sweat and burning calories all day long. Are you ready for the challenge?

Tabata + Abs

Workout anywhere with this bodyweight class. Tabata is high intensity interval training, combined with full body strength, and finished off with abs.


Sculpt the entire body with this class that uses high repetitions to burn out and tone muscles.


Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a class that incorporates light hand weights and high-intensity cardio bursts with beginner level yoga poses. The hand weights add a new challenge to traditional yoga classes for a great total body experience.

Power Yoga

Core focus on breath, we flow quickly through a series of powerful postures building heat and energy to awaken the body.

Vinyasa Yoga

Deepen your flow in this hour yoga class. A form focused and unique flow using breath as the foundation, unlocking your full mobility potential.

Ready to Roll?

We can’t wait to get to know you & train you to be your best. Let’s get started!